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Welcome to the website for the Thurloe Residents Association (TRA)! 

In a fast-paced world, local decisions directly affecting residents’ lives are made quickly.   TRA is a web-based residents' association which provides up-to-date information to help residents stay on top of local issues and respond accordingly.   

Officially recognised by RBKC and the Brompton Safer Neighbourhoods Team of the Metropolitan Police, TRA will work with other residents’ and amenity associations to ensure members’ voices are heard on any number of topics.

Residents care deeply about the neighbourhood and, using technology, TRA aims to foster a sense of community and engagement for the benefit of all. 

  "TRA is a model 'virtual' residents association and a force for good in the South Kensington area."  

Cllr. Louis Mosley

  "TRA is committed to helping people make their voices heard and building a strong community in this vibrant area of London"

Cllr. Quentin Marshall



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