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RBKC has a very useful website that provides information about road works in the Borough.


London has a “roadworks pledge” that outlines minimum standards for work sites.  All roadworks should:

  • Be tidy and safe with a clutter-free site so it is safe for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.
  • Always explain what’s happening through detailed, clear and consistent signage.
  • Always have activity on site or, if not, explain why (for example if concrete is drying).
  • Take up as little road/pavement space as possible with a compact working area and eliminating the unnecessary use of cones, safety barrier and storage of materials.
  • Help keep London moving by working outside peak hours, re-opening the road to traffic at peak times and, where this is not possible, working 24/7 or extended hours to complete works as quickly as possible.

Any roadworks that don’t meet this criteria should be reported by visiting



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